Kudos to them.

Now if we could just get David Frum, Matthew Keys, MSNBC, the New York Daily News, and all the rest to admit it. (Update: Matthew Keys has now acknowledged that the alleged heckling never occurred.)

Piers Morgan, however, won’t get off the story. Typical.

It’s come to the point where not even Morgan can deny that the “heckling” claim is indefensible; even office-mate Anderson Cooper quickly deleted a tweet tonight claiming that Neil Heslin was “shouted down” — an even greater stretch of the truth than saying he was heckled. Morgan’s not letting this one go so easily, though.

How dare anyone answer a question? Wait, don’t answer that … that would constitute heckling. As far as repulsive behavior? We think Morgan’s got a solid grasp on that. Keep dancing, Piers.

* * *

Update: It seems Piers Morgan doesn’t have the sense that his colleague Anderson Cooper does. He kicked off his show tonight by repeating the same “shouted down” lie that Cooper deleted just an hour earlier.

* * *

Update: We’d like to nominate Jim Treacher for some sort of excellence in tweeting award for managing to perfectly recap the whole “heckling” affair in fewer than 140 characters.


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