As Twitchy reported, Senator Cruz is standing firm against the Gang of 8 immigration plan (Shamnesty Redux). He’s not alone.

Heh. Others are also not convinced: They see this “pathway” plan for what it is: Shamnesty. Americans take to Twitter to push back, using the hashtag #Shamnesty.

That’s right. But, hey, what’s a good sham without a nice photo op? Plus, Vegas, baby!

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin fights like a girl: Using her lady smarts and speaking real truth to power.


What does that say, indeed?

That’s right. And his family is not alone. Shamnesty punishes those who wait years to come here legally.

How to help stop this? Keep letting your voices be heard. These Twitter users offer some other advice.

Can you hear us now, Senators?