Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys is unhappy about the inclusion of his factually-incorrect tweet about the Newtown “heckling” incident in this post.

We make errors, too. And when they are brought to our attention, we correct them.

Rather than correct his erroneous tweet or express concern at poor media coverage of the Newtown “heckling” story, Keys laid into Twitchy.

We’re fairly certain that nobody on our current staff is in regular contact with Keys, so we asked him what he was talking about:

Keys deleted two of his three anti-Twitchy tweets and replied:

Here is a list of our current staff. The editor Keys referred to hasn’t worked for Twitchy since June 2012.

To recap: Keys falsely stated that gun rights supporters shouted at the father of a Newtown victim. When we called him out on it, he publicly called on Twitchy to stop emailing him links to our stories, even though no one on our staff has contacted him for more than six months.

With that kind of accuracy, Keys must fit right in at Reuters.



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