The truth about the “heckling” incident that wasn’t is gradually making its way around social media, but not everyone has caught up yet. Piers Morgan is still pushing the idea that Neil Heslin was “shouted down” by a pro-gun mob, and Lawrence O’Donnell has pinned the “heckling” on “gun nuts.”

Moby? He’s blaming the NRA for doing the heckling after reading about the incident at Politics USA. Politics USA, in turn, got its version of events from MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. Bashir? He was interviewing Democrat strategist Julian Epstein, who assumed the “hecklers” were planted by the NRA. “This shows just, I think, how extreme and outrageous the NRA — and I assume the hecklers were NRA moles — how they’ve become,” Epstein told Bashir.

Would the truth make any difference?


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