We’re not sure in what universe it is morally acceptable to characterize your political opponents as equal to rape-apologists, but apparently it’s perfectly fine on Planet Frum.

For those of you not clued in on this line of attack, let us lay it out for you in black and white. David Frum is asserting that, by noting that a Sandy Hook father was not “heckled,” we at Twitchy are morally equivalent to people who say that women in short skirts are “asking for it” when they are raped.

That is a sick, twisted, and morally bankrupt thing to say. Mr. Frum ought to be ashamed of it. We hope he apologizes — not to us, but to all of the rape victims whose pain he just cheapened.

Granted, not much seems to shame David Frum these days. We will, however, note the irony of him defending the media’s selective editing of the “heckling” video, given what he wrote about the Steven Crowder union attack video just last month:

Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised that Frum is willing to stoop to any low to slam his “fellow conservatives” as a bunch of hateful, rape-loving pigs.


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