Australia’s left-wing, atheist Prime Minister Julia Gillard embarrassed herself today by scheduling this year’s parliamentary election for September 14. For those keeping score, that’s Yom Kippur. A strict observance of Yom Kippur bans all normal worldly activities, so Orthodox Jews will be forced to choose between voting and properly observing the holiest day of their year.

A number of people pointed out that Jewish voters could cast absentee ballots, as many do in normal elections on Saturdays. This is still a major faux pas; however, Gillard’s supporters seem singularly unmoved by a clear act of cultural insensitivity.

Funny how all of this leftist talk about respecting other faiths goes out the window when lefties do it. Oh, and seeing as the election is looking to be very close, a few thousand disenfranchised Orthodox Jews could be the difference between Gillard and her conservative rival, Tony Abbott. Nice work, Prime Minister.

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