It’s telling that the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent wrote a piece on today’s immigration announcement headlined, “What did Republicans win in the immigration deal?” That seems to be the question to ask any time a “bipartisan agreement” is reached on Capitol Hill; that or, “Did Republicans win anything this time?”

The fight over spending is still going on, with the House GOP trading a four-month suspension of the debt ceiling for spending cuts to something, somewhere down the road. As for the pathway to citizenship? Republicans are saying they won’t move to legalize illegal aliens until tougher border security measures are in place. Which means …

Even the Democrats behind the “new” immigration reform plan say that they’re totally serious about the border security part this time.

Addressed, huh? That’s pretty tough talk. Not all Democrats are getting on board with the idea of chaining border security metrics to the issuing of green cards, at least not publicly. President Obama is expected to address immigration reform tomorrow in Las Vegas, but until then, the White House isn’t talking. Press Secretary Jay Carney gave some hints to the press today.

Sen. Marco Rubio was ready to do some talking this afternoon as people questioned the power (if any) of the proposed border security commission.

* * *

Update: Speaking with Sean Hannity tonight to clarify his position, Sen. Rubio assured him border enforcement “absolutely” must come before green cards are passed out.