Oh, dear. Alas, it seems that Code Pink isn’t waiting for 1 Billion Rising “V-Day” on February 14. They are again breaking out the vagina costumes early. Of course, is there ever really a good time for vagina costumes? Shudder.

This Twitter user prefers the topless demonstrators at Davos.

Sadly, no such luck.

So holy, we like to dress up in girly bits costumes. Because that’s totally holy. And empowering.

They trotted out the costumes at a March for Life type event.

Well, Walk for Life attendees in San Francisco, Calif., didn’t have long to wait. Get the mind bleach at the ready.

Sandra Fluke was there, along with others who seek to empower women by demeaning and diminishing them.

Again, here is a real War on Women: The loons Code Pink, and their fellow travelers, continue to incessantly reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only.

On the plus side (if there can be any plus to seeing vagina costumes), more attended the March for Life than the counter-protest.

Of course, you’d never know that from the media.

Update: Title was changed from “March for Life event” to “Walk for Life” for clarity. Walk for Life is the annual pro-life West Coast march.