Molly Smith, a co-organizer of today’s March on Washington for Gun Control, told ABC News that she was unable to move on with her life as usual after hearing about the Sandy Hook massacre. “I think it’s because it was children, babies,” she said. “I was horrified by it.”

A similar horror involving babies inspired 500,000 or more to march on the same streets yesterday in the 40th March for Life against abortion. While the Park Service no longer provides official crowd estimates, most news outlets are reporting only that “thousands” came to Washington to participate in today’s silent march, with the spotlight on a group of 100 from Newtown, Conn. (Speaking of thousands, the New York Times headline on the March for Life yesterday read, “Thousands March to Oppose Abortion,” while the lead paragraph quickly upped that estimate to “tens of thousands.”)

So, what did today’s march look like?

We don’t see any Code Pink vaginas mingling among the marchers, but someone had that angle covered, if only with a sign rather than a costume.