WWL-TV’s Katie Moore is reporting that a Secret Service dog protecting Vice President Joe Biden was killed in a fall from a parking garage roof as Biden spoke at a fundraiser tonight.

Biden was speaking at a fundraiser for Sen. Mary Landrieu, and he managed to show his personal brand of, um, enthusiasm. Sure, it’s just Joe Being Joe™ again, but doesn’t even the vice president himself get tired of being Joe?

Did we hear that correctly?

Also a compliment (we think, but it’s hard to tell without hearing it firsthand) was Biden’s assurance that Landrieu “makes the case for Louisiana, and everybody knows that if they don’t vote with her, she’ll make their lives miserable. She can exasperate the hell out of everybody and make them feel better for it.”

We’d feel better if the dog hadn’t been killed, but maybe now we can have a moratorium on Seamus Romney jokes?