After a late-night Twitter binge on “whatevers” (and one “Bqhatevwr”), Scott Brown, or the person who has control of his verified Twitter account, says he’s at the gym with wife Gail Huff.

So was he hacked last night? Drunk-tweeting as some suspected? Those hoping for a Twitter walk of shame were sorely disappointed.

Unless …

The curious tweets haven’t been deleted from Brown’s account and #Bqhatevwr is still trending off and on. Will he explain “whatever” it is that happened?

Heh. Maybe he doesn’t feel the need to explain. This could be the reason:


BuzzFeed reports, “A source within the Senator’s inner circle has confirmed with Buzzfeed that it was Brown personally tweeting.”

Brown has deleted his tweets, but Twitchy is forever.!/ScottBrownMA/status/295044919775612929!/ScottBrownMA/status/295045108301176833