There’s no official count yet, but half a million pro-life activists were expected in Washington, D.C. today to join the 40th annual March for Life.

Preliminary estimates indicate hundreds of thousands did indeed brave frigid temperatures to encourage a culture of life and remember the heartbreaking 55 million human lives lost to abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Record-breaking crowds of young activists honoring life and speaking out against a toxic culture that treats children as inconvenient and dispensable — sound newsworthy to you? If hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists march, do the media make a sound?

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Planned Parenthood lapdogs have other bones to fetch.

In the past, media ostriches have deliberately buried their heads in the sand during the March for Life.

As John Hayward notes at Human Events, media coverage of the annual event has ranged from shallow, grudging acknowledgment to completely absent.

It doesn’t get analyzed, or portrayed as part of any broader social trend.  The press doesn’t ask what causes it to remain so strong, even after forty years of being sternly lectured that it’s fighting for a lost cause.  Pro-lifers give cheerful interviews to news anchors who would feel more comfortable sitting down with the dictators of North Korea or Iran; they wave happily into cameras held by quivering hands.  Media organizations that swoon when leftist organizations quote dubious statistics in some “noble” cause – climate change, gun control – scowl at the simple observation by pro-lifers that America is missing 55 million people due to the post-Roe abortion regime.

Read the whole thing.

Will this year be any different?

But celebrity Julia and Obama tool Sandra Fluke draws tens of people to her rallies! This is just one of those pesky pro-life marches. Grab a broom and sweep that nonsense under the rug, lapdogs!

USA Today was one exception noted on Twitter.

But few outlets covered the March for Life with the enthusiasm shown for Occupy protests and anti-gun rallies.

Fortunately, mainstream media bias couldn’t stop the massive social media reach of #MarchForLife. The hashtag trended for much of the day Friday as passionate advocates for the unborn tweeted about the heartening outpouring of support for life and human dignity.

Pro-life demonstrators might not capture the rapt attention of the mainstream media, but they’re capturing the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, young and old.


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