Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he’d use his speech to the Republican National Committee in Charlotte, N.C.,  tonight to “refute Barack Obama’s liberal vision” and urge his party to “recalibrate the compass of conservatism.” Though he didn’t have much to say about Obama specifically, he did have plenty to say about the GOP and the direction he thinks it needs to take to win elections again.

Some of that tough medicine for the GOP came in the form of an entreaty to “stop being the stupid party” and making statements that damage the GOP brand.

Jindal had plenty of critics following along with his speech, but his remarks were targeted strictly to the Republicans he was addressing.




It would be difficult not to see Jindal’s speech tonight as an early hint at a run for president in 2016.


If Rep. Paul Ryan is another name on that list, was Jindal’s complaint about an obsession with numbers being a losing game an early shot across the bow?

Does anyone really believe that Jindal isn’t thinking of running in 2016?