Oh, Piers. Tyranny hunting? How hilarious. At least this time it didn’t take you 18 or 21 hours to come up with such an oh-so-witty rejoinder.

CNN contributor Dana Loesch announced on Twitter this afternoon that she is planning to take a ride on a tank this weekend.

She then graciously invited Piers to come along for a joy ride. Remember, Piers Morgan recently, and absurdly, demanded that Loesch tell him if there was a right to tanks.

Piers snarkily replies.

Dana continues to extend the invitation, with hilarious results.

And then the idea of a Unity Tank was born!

And, yes, they sure do.


Make that happen!

Will it come up tonight, or will there just be more crumpling of paper in a fit of snit?

Stay tuned!


Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the tank talk:

But hopefully not too much longer!