Sen. Rand Paul didn’t mince words when he took on a defensive Secretary Clinton this morning, calling her role in Benghazigate a “failure of leadership” and telling her that he would have given her the boot:

That just didn’t sit well with ABC’s Terry Moran, who leapt to Clinton’s defense by questioning Paul’s authority. The senator never served in the military, so what qualifies him to ask questions about the military and foreign affairs?

The nerve!

Apparently not.

Feverish spin and deflection from media lapdogs is nothing new, but truth-seekers were nonetheless amazed at Moran’s intellectual acrobatics:

Hey Terry, you know who else never served in the military?

And oddly enough, Moran doesn’t seem to have taken issue with another senator’s lack of military or foreign policy experience:

And what about Moran himself? What qualifies him to do whatever it is that he does?

We’re very curious, Terry.

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