Truth(erism) hurts! And, boy, was Ace’s takedown of Joan Walsh truly epic. Poor, little Joan! Once again hoisted by her own petard! Earlier today, Salon published a Truther article titled, “Give truthers a chance?” No, seriously. They did, and the hilarity ensued. 

Heh. Yes, Salon took the article down, and issued a correction that Ace of Spades also totally destroys. But, that’s not even the biggest issue, “morons.” It’s knowing Joan Walsh’s exact job description that really matters, you see. Don’t you know who she is?

Um. Perhaps the “moron” is the one who wants to be associated with Salon only when convenient?


Yes, publishing Trutherism garbage is no biggie. What’s really important is Joan Walsh’s self-stroking. Don’t know what specific job she holds? Moron. Printing Truther nonsense? Super smart journalism and stuff. Probably enlightened, too.

Indeed. But, all is well. Ace of Spades is at the ready to deliver a little truth.

Poor, little Joan was upset that Twitchy and Ace of Spades pointed out the article’s existence and publication on the site. Ace of Spades gave an epic drubbing to the article itself; read the whole thing. He then took to Twitter, with the help of some fellow Twitter users, to continue helpfully providing some life lessons to Salon and Joan Walsh. Warning: Prepare to giggle loudly. Maybe even a snort or two.

Glorious. He then blasts her further for her ludicrous “but, editor” tweets.


Joan Walsh then had the utter gall to retweet this.


Oh, honey. Rep. Duncan is “ignorant” for speaking truth? But, Trutherism is no big whoop, “morons.”

Bless your heart.