With President Gun-Grabber, Joe “Shooting for Tuesday” Biden and DiFi pushing for new firearm restrictions, inauguration weekend was more about empty shelves than empty promises for gun enthusiasts. For more than a month, Twitchy has been reporting on long lines at gun stores, surging NRA membership and record crowds at gun shows.

As Obama celebrated his second inauguration, ammunition was increasingly hard to come by in the nation’s chain stores and mom-and-pop shops. Academy Sports is limiting some ammo purchases to one box per customer.


But finding even one box of some types of ammo is proving difficult. More evidence of the only successful Obama stimulus:

These shelves are supposed to be stocked with ammo. The country is scared man.

The ammunition case at walmart #empty #ammo #thanksobama #nofilter

#BassPro sold out of handgun ammo just about... #Dadgum #Nobama is ruining this country. That's depressing but I also love that we law abiding Americans are buying all the ammo and supporting our freedoms #gunrights #2ndamendment


Even online retailers are unable to keep up with demand.

Ammo shortage? Shoppers have a pretty good idea about who built that.


Congrats to the Salesman of the Year!