Where was President Obama when he tweeted that?

Church shmurch! Obama has tweeting to do! And, that he did. His Twitter feed tweeted the above threat to “finish what he started,” while he was at church.

The tweet was signed “bo,” which indicates he tweeted it personally. Media lapdogs have been squeeing over his church-going for the past two days. Perhaps they should have taken the time to explain church to him. And to Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards as well, while they were at it.


Also, work begins today, President Obama? What were the last four years? Golf practice?

Twitter users are also terribly frightened of the threat to finish what he started.

Indeed. As for honored, try honoring faith by refraining from tweeting about yourself from church, Mr. President.


Time stamp on Obama’s tweet:  2:25:21 pm UTC

And on Today show tweet on arrival at church: 1:35:26 pm UTC


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