Normally, we expect a little taste from the punditry on special occasions, but this is tone-deaf serial race-baiter Van Jones we’re talking about. So, instead of flowery words about bringing the country together, we got a borderline racist remark comparing the president’s address to “Django Unchained.” How nice to know that one of the Left’s leading lights finds parallels between the president’s speech and a revenge-fueled race war vigilante with a taste for (sometimes nausea-inducing) grotesque violence.

Whatever you think about the movie or the president, it’s hard to think of a situation in which comparing the two would be appropriate. Hopefully the president himself does not share Jones’ political blood lust.

Well, we can agree that he’s “off the chain,” although we would be using the phrase as one uses it to reference a rabid dog. Hopefully the actual president will attempt to take more inspiration from “Lincoln” than from “Django.” At least we can hope.