Of course! Did it happen? Vice President Biden was sworn in this morning. The oath was administered by Justice Sotomayer.

Binders! See, guys!? The Obama administration totally loves women.

Some of his best friends are women.

Twitter was buzzing with the news; some more excited than others.


Oh, honey. Aren’t you just precious?

Biden couldn’t top his gaffe-tastic “I am proud to be the president of the United States” remark yesterday, and didn’t even try. Smart move. There was no way to top that!

This Twitter user also seems to confuse the president and the vice president.


The guest list:

And CNN’s Donna Brazile tweets some squee photos.

Historic! Or something.

And, it’s official.

Piers Morgan swoons.

Four more years … of gaffes. So, there’s that?


Update: President Obama’s Twitter account tweets congratulations.

Shockingly, the congrats did not include a picture of President Obama, for once.


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