What’s even more amazing how awesome he thinks he is. When he’s not telling you that your kids just aren’t as important as Barack Obama’s, he’s busy placing dead last in the personality pageant.

Guess the recognition of his own numerous failures finally got to him, because today, he lashed out at Twitterers whose avatars feature the late Andrew Breitbart.

Because unlike Matt, Breitbart was and still is worthy of admiration and, you know, genuine respect.

They certainly don’t! Nor do they have the caché of, say, a Matt Yglesias.

Ah, but it turns out that there were some happy warriors who were more than willing to give Matt the attention he so desperately craves. They decided to pay tribute to the self-righteous, professional whiner by temporarily plunking his mug into their Twitter avatars:

It’s delightful!

For the most part, they’ve returned to their original avatars (after all, Yglesias is a bit toxic to sensible people), but Matt should still draw some comfort from his own mini personality cult! And hopefully that won’t preclude him from membership in his other cult of choice:

Eh, it’s tough to be self-aware when you’re that self-absorbed.

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