Whatever would we do without lefty “feminists” like Amanda Marcotte to take on the evil, oppressive conservative patriarchy? This morning, she took Rush Limbaugh to task over a comment he made earlier in the week:

Here’s the remark that has Marcotte seeing red:

You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.

Misogyny! Misogyny!

It’s hard not to picture what “abortion by gun” would look like: A sort of rape by gun followed by the violent murder of the woman. It’s taking the subtext of gun nuttery—and how nuts feel that guns give them symbolic phallic power—and making it straight up text. That’s not subtly giving permission, but practically an invitation.

As a side note, it’s interesting to me how many wingnuts turn to abortion the second guns are mentioned. Couldn’t make it more clear that gun nuttery is part of a larger constellation of a psycho-sexual obsession with masculine dominance. Must have MORE GUNS while making sure that women are firmly relegated to a second class citizen status, unable to exert basic control over their bodies. Ugh.

Ugh indeed, Amanda. Anyone familiar with Limbaugh is well aware of his hyperbolic style and understands that his point wasn’t that abortions should be performed with guns; he was saying that the Left would actually care about the lives snuffed out by abortions if guns were involved.

The truth is of little importance to the perpetually outraged feminist Left, however, and Stop Rush types unleashed their ire:


If Rush is a “dangerous freak” for using liberal logic to take on abortion, then what does that make Amanda Marcotte, who thinks a “ritual nick” is an acceptable alternative to female genital mutilation? She certainly doesn’t seem like a worthy advocate for women, does she? Then again, that probably doesn’t matter much; for the Left, intellectual consistency isn’t a priority.