On Wednesday night, conservative radio host Dana Loesch drove Musket Morgan into a paper-crumpling hissy fit after they debated the Second Amendment on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Silly ol’ Musket obsessively demanded that Loesch and panelist Scottie Hughes tell him if there was a right to individual ownership of tanks under the Second Amendment. Shorter Musket: Tank, tank, tank, tank, crumple, crinkle, waaaahhh.

The discussion left Morgan feeling just sick. Sick!


It wasn’t long before Morgan’s laser-like focus on the pressing tank ownership issue spawned a pair of hashtags: #ReplaceASongTitleWithTank and #ReplaceSongTitleWithTank.


Once again, happy warriors had a blast mocking the ever-mock-worthy Morgan.


And yes, #ReplaceASongTitleWithTank quickly trended.

Tank you for being a friend, Twitter!