CNN’s Piers Morgan and Dana Loesch have already clashed over the Second Amendment via Twitter, so many were looking forward to fireworks when Loesch appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” Wednesday.

We understand completely. For those who missed it (or just couldn’t bear to watch), here’s a pretty accurate transcript of the first five minutes or so.


Was there a point? Morgan obviously believes that the government should restrict the right to own firearms, preferably to a single musket per household. If only Loesch would admit that she doesn’t need a tank, then she certainly doesn’t need an AR-15 either, right? Limits are important, so what makes you think you need 100 rounds of ammo? Or 10 rounds of ammo? Seven? That sounds about right, but certainly not eight. Seven.

AR-15 owner Loesch would have liked to have talked about her desire to own that particular firearm, in part to its ease of fire and limited recoil, but there wasn’t much time for that, because tanks. Morgan wrapped things up by crumpling a sheet of paper in righteous indignation, for the children. Man, he really crumpled that paper. Violently.

What was that piece of paper, anyway? Did he tear the Second Amendment out of that “little book” for the occasion? Loesch continued to fight for her rights, and not just those guaranteed by the Second Amendment, on Twitter after the show.