Causing a stir is one way to put it.

Calling out the president for his shameful use of children as political props is another.

As reported yesterday, President Obama will announce his plans for gun control measures flanked by children. But, there’s more: They are using letters from children as props as well.

Twitter was buzzing with that disgraceful news last night. It continues today as American citizens await the president’s spectacle planned for later today.

The White House has released the letters.

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Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
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Those with a moral compass are disgusted.

The end justifies the means, you see, even if the means are innocent children.

Besides being utterly shameless and shameful, many point out some other problems with these letters from children.

Yep. More drinking of the Skool-Aid. Perhaps they watched “The Obama Effect” first, then joined in a resounding chorus of “Mmm, mmm, mmm. Barack Hussein Obama.

Huh. We won’t hold our breath. For the Children ™? Only when convenient. Like, you know, being exploited in order to prey on emotions and gin up fear.

Sadly, it’s not surprising: It’s despicable.