For the (use of) Children™:

As we reported earlier, President Obama planned to shamefully use children as props, playing on emotions, during his announcement of his gun control measures. And, that he did. In all its disgraceful glory.

Adorable? The innocent children being used as political props are adorable. But the president’s shameless and shameful actions? Not so much.

High. Fives.

The disgraceful political prop theater continued.

That’s right. As Twitchy reported earlier, he added epic hypocrisy to that by invoking the right to life. Except for when it comes to abortion, natch.

Of course, using children is nothing new to Democrats.

The president’s Twitter feed also tweeted something else that was staggering in its lack of self-awareness.

For President Obama, the freedom to be shameful and disgraceful is paramount. Everybody else? Whatever. He knows what should be allowed or not. If, of course, he thinks you deserve the right to life. Or freedom.