Bless his precious heart. MSNBC’s Touré is all worked up about his inclusion in James O’Keefe’s hilarious new video.

Touré was among the gun-grabbing journalists O’Keefe caught declining to display a sign advertising their homes as “proudly gun free.” After a string of uhs and ums, Touré brushed off the Project Veritas crew posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence.”

He explained that he’d have to check with his neighbors since he wasn’t sure how they’d feel.

Evidently Touré’s widdle feelings got an ouchie when he discovered he was caught on camera. “I treated the people who came to my home with great respect & engaged them at length & this is how you return that respect?” he whined.

Shocker: Touré can dish it out, but he’s not so great at taking it. Even when “taking it” simply involves having his words quoted on Twitter.

O’Keefe’s followers didn’t let Touré’s tweet slide either.

Duh. Quoting a liberal is totally disrespectful. Just ask Ellen Barkin!

During their exchange, O’Keefe mistakenly thought that Touré had memory-holed the embarrassing tweet about respect.

Touré’s response? He called O’Keefe a liar:

A mistake is lying? What was that about respect?

Oh, and Touré, we’re still waiting for a real answer on this: