Teenage conservative activist Bethany Bowra made a name for herself with her takedown of Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert, and tonight she managed to start a nice Twitter argument with MSNBC commentator Touré. Touré engaged in his usual strategy of pretending to sound smart while uttering borderline racist counterfactuals, but some of his followers were no so nice.

Wait a minute. Martin Luther King Jr. himself gets an “Oy”? The greatest civil rights statement in the history of the country gets an “Oy”? How can you possibly disagree with that basic aim?

Well, probably because the man outlined the vision for racial equality in our nation, and hateful people like Touré are dousing that vision in gasoline and preparing to set it aflame. The real flame war, though, is in the comments directed at Bowra by people other than Touré. Apparently these people’s mothers never told them anything about being respectful to women, let alone teenage girls.


After reading those, we can guarantee that someone in these conversations needs serious help, and it’s not Bethany Bowra. Luckily, most of the onlookers were cheering Bowra on.

Nice work, Bethany!