Bingo! But, surely the Smartest Man Alive ™ is never wrong! Except when he nearly always is, and today was no different. During President Obama’s surprise press conference, he prattled on about “magazine clips.”

Who is feeding him gun “knowledge“? Musket Morgan? Did Vice President Biden get such sage advice from the noted experts in Hollywood, then pass it along to the president? Or did he listen to some of these geniuses?

Heh. Lapdogs are feeding him!

Bless his heart! It would be hilarious, except that he is the President of the United States and has said that he will make gun-grabbing a part of his second term. Fundamental change and all! He is seeking to legislate something about which he knows nothing, evidently.

The mockery was fast and furious. And hilarious.

Precisely. But, rail he did anyway.

They must be like those nefarious doctors (also known as tonsil reapers) who scare you into letting them take your tonsils out all willy-nilly like, just to cash in.

Good grief, this man knows nothing. And just makes stuff up.

He was unintentionally correct in a way. His fear-mongering, and the fear-mongering of grave-dancing ghouls, has helped to increase NRA membership. Kudos!

As for “magazine clips,” Twitter users helpfully provide a Teachable Moment ™. He can’t ask David Gregory; he is trying to keep magazines on the down-low now after waving one about on air.

Never change, Twitter. And keep doing the job that the media won’t do.


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