Ladies and gentlemen, President Obama’s pick for the next U.S. Treasury Secretary: The Hostess Squiggle.


A tribute … or an omen? We know how things went with Hostess.

No need to focus on Jack Lew’s qualifications.

What Twitter users really want to know is whether this curly, childlike scrawl could end up on our cash. The horror!

But what does the signature say about Lew’s qualifications and how he’d handle the Treasury position?

Shudder. File this one under “Questions Best Left Unasked”:

But rest easy, it’s entirely possible Lew will change his squiggly sig for the nation’s currency (if he does indeed know how to form other letters).

Meanwhile, the Jack Lew signature? There’s an app for that.


It had to happen: “Secretary Lew” joins Twitter.