Photo of the day! Look, guys, he’s totally serious. His baffled expression proves it.

As Twitchy reported, Biden’s gun task force had a meeting yesterday. That meeting, and the executive order remarks made therein, sparked the controversial Drudge headline and photo that had the Left all up in arms (ironically).

Not covered under everything? The meeting with noted gun experts in Hollywood. As Twitchy reported, in a stunning display of hypocrisy, a meeting is scheduled with Hollywood celebs.

Shh. Don’t look behind the curtain.

There will also be no photo op during the meeting with actual gun owners. What do they know, right, Biden? Stupid bitter clingers!

But look who was included in the photo op?

Unreal. In yet another hilarious twist, Joe Biden said this is not a photo op … at the photo op.

If by well-spoken, one means inane ramblings.

Not a photo op.

Poor form is standard operating procedure for the Obama administration.