Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro made a fantastic appearance on Piers Morgan’s CNN show tonight. For anyone who’s ever seen Shapiro speak, suffice it to say that he did not present as easy a target for Morgan’s condescension as Alex Jones.

Shapiro repeatedly tried to get Morgan to answer whether he would support a broad, British-style blanket gun ban as a solution to Chicago-style gun crime, noting that most such crimes are committed with non-assault weapons. Morgan wouldn’t answer, and Shapiro shot back with the fact that handguns cause much more death than assault rifles, and that it was illogical to ban only the less widely used guns. He also suggested stricter background checks as a solution.

Shapiro said he feared what could happen “in the next 50 or 100 years.” Morgan, the subject of a petition to have him deported, considered it absurd to think that the U.S. government could ever — even in the distant future — turn tyrannical.

Shapiro refused to be lumped with Alex Jones, and responded with a list of democracies that went bad in the 20th Century. Shapiro calmly noted that while both he and his children may die before such an event, the point of the Second Amendment is to prevent it from ever happening.

Yes, Musket, overcriminalization is a problem — and we should review that law regarding your Sudafed. So, your point is?

Actually, Morgan was just reading a letter in which Ronald Reagan supported an assault weapons ban. Shapiro’s response: “So?” Great stuff.

By the end of it, media bully-in-chief Morgan was accusing Shapiro of bullying him! Astonishing, especially considering the type of horrible (and borderline anti-Semitic) things said about Shapiro by Morgan’s supporters.

Morgan, obviously bothered by his drubbing, continued to trash Shapiro behind his back but in front of his much more sympathetic follow-up guests, to whom he declared his great admiration and respect for the U.S. Constitution — the same document he just minutes before had deemed to be Shapiro’s “little book.”

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