The idea of having the U.S. Treasury mint a couple of trillion-dollar platinum coins to get around the limit of the debt ceiling just won’t go away. The idea has been floating around for months and has gained enough momentum (much of it through a #mintthecoin hashtag) for reporters to ask White House Press Secretary Jay Carney if the administration is considering the idea. Carney referred reporters to the Treasury but didn’t rule out the idea. And why would he? The debt ceiling is the House’s leverage in any fiscal cliff negotiations with the president, and the trillion-dollar coin would render that bargaining chip meaningless.

As enticing as the trillion-dollar coin may be to some, not everyone’s a fan. These people can often be identified by the #SpendingIsTheProblem hashtag, which is still chugging along.

We’re not counting on hearing that from Carney, and it looks like the Treasury isn’t willing to take the coin off the table either.