Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is back in Congress, and he’s wasting no time messing around with that “new tone” jazz we hear about every term. Speaking with progressive radio host Stephanie Miller yesterday, Grayson let listeners know he’s (kind of) keeping up with current events, calling his Republican colleagues who voted against the $9 billion Sandy relief bill the “bath salts caucus.”

Miller herself suggested “zombie caucus” to describe what Grayson said were members of the GOP who would “rather eat your face than cut taxes on the rich.”

No one who has been paying attention should be surprised to hear this from Grayson, who said that Republicans “want you to die quickly if you get sick.” Besides, cut taxes on the rich? That doesn’t even make any sense. Whatever: it got a laugh. Fans of the congressman were glad to hear he was back in action.

Yeah, no. Grayson’s campaign website can still be found at congressmanwithguts.com. Is it wrong for us to want to see a showdown between “Guts” Grayson and a horde of GOP zombies?