Not The Onion! That’s right, Joe Biden, tapped to head a task force on gun control (no word on Beer Summit yet) by President Obama, is meeting with noted experts in Hollywood. He’s meeting with some other people first.

Also fun? The highly mockable celebri-meeting.

Ah, it’s reminiscent of the time President Obama met with “young Hollywood,” noted experts on green energy.

There was prescience among happpy warriors, once again!

Hopefully Obama brings some of his biggest Hollywood supporters into the discussion so they can help think of a few ways to help change a “culture that glorifies guns and violence.” I wonder what those ideas would be?

Heh. Celebrities pitifully and shamelessly “demanded a plan.” They got … Joe Biden. Oh, our aching sides!

Twitter users react to the news.

Heh. Pander, canoodle and schmooze like the wind! Like his boss, he is a man of the people. Hipster and swanky people, but still.

Twitter users point out celebrity hypocrisy.

Yep. Start with Michael Moore, the anti-gun zealot who just loves shoot-em-up films. Take a gander at some of his other self-proclaimed favorite movies.

We wonder who will attend this meeting? Perhaps celebri-ghouls from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who want to ban all guns and change The Constitution? Or, Michael Ian Black who whined about “Founding Father fetishization.” Maybe Vince Neil, who hates guns but doesn’t mind drunk driving? Cher and her Walmart-boycotting mumblings might be a good choice. Or, any of the celebs who tried to gin up outrage over the NRA’s presser.

Bingo. But when did that ever stop The Gaffe-Man Biden?