Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has made a remarkable recovery after suffering a gunshot to the head during the Tucson massacre two years ago. Today, on the second anniversary of the shooting, she’s ready for her next chapter as the face of the gun control movement.

Monday night, Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly teased the launch of their “broad new effort,” an organization called Americans for Responsible Solutions.

Evidently “responsible solutions” don’t necessarily involve respecting Second Amendment rights.

The couple’s op-ed introducing the initiative appears in USA Today and ABC will air their interview with Diane Sawyer today.

The op-ed blasts Congress for doing “something quite extraordinary — nothing at all.” So, of course, the answer is to do something. Giffords and Kelly blame an “ideological fringe” that has “used big money and influence to cow Congress into submission.”

Ban Second Amendment supporters!

Giffords and Kelly complain that the fringe gun control lobby makes Americans “more vulnerable to gun violence” by being way too into those pesky “individual liberties.”  You know, the ones safeguarded by the Constitution. Oh, and that much-hyped national conversation about gun violence? You gun nuts are doin’ it wrong.

Rather than working to find the balance between our rights and the regulation of a dangerous product, these groups have cast simple protections for our communities as existential threats to individual liberties. Rather than conducting a dialogue, they threaten those who divert from their orthodoxy with political extinction.

Armed guards for the politerati? Totally different! Surely you don’t expect your betters to adhere to the same rules as the hoi polloi?