Conservatives have been excoriated as racist for spotlighting the rise in food-stamp use under President Obama. But on social media, Americans of all races and backgrounds have no problem pointing out the literal signs of dependency — especially when EBT (electronic benefit transfer) food stamp cards are used to purchase junk food, non-food, and other absurd items far beyond the basic dietary sustenance of the social safety net.

Like Autozone auto repair services:

Gas stations and thrift stores:

"We Accept EBT Cards" only in GA

Bars and liquor stores:

Fast food restaurants:

I have seen it all. Sonic accepts Food Stamp (EBT) cards.


Steak, shrimp, lobster, and cake:

College tuition:

More clothing stores:

Can’t forget to mention the cash-back scheme:

And, of course, via the New York Post’s exclusive this weekend, strip joints and porn shops:

Smmfh come one bronx!!! Ebt machines in the club damnn

Question of the year:



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