Squee! As Twitchy reported, binders full of moochers stopped hoarding birth control when the nefarious pill-stealer Romney lost the election. Now, they are empowering themselves by groveling at the feet of their birth control sugar daddy master.








Know what else adds up? The extra money taken from your paycheck every pay period. But, whatever! “Free” contraceptives!


Oh, sweeties. Hundreds taken out … but no $10 per month for birth control and isn’t that really all that matters? You’ve come a long way, baby. Too bad the trail didn’t lead to, you know, math class. The non-deluded try to explain it.

Indeed. Perhaps they should peruse more hashtag Teachable Moments. Or, they should talk to the women who are hardest hit; it’s not so ‘free’ for others.








Hardest hit, besides every single taxpayer who is paying for this “free” birth control? The working poor.

Maybe Sugar Daddy Obama would like to explain some facts to the deluded (ha! Truth is hard). The cost of contraceptives is increasing and will continue to do so. The coverage mandate doesn’t help women; it helps drug companies.

Not only did they get largely what they wanted from Obama’s health-care-reform law (no caps on drug prices, no reimportation from Canada); now, President Obama’s mandate is broadening the market for their products. With drug prices so high, the best way it can increase demand for its products is to get the federal government to mandate payment for it.

When price incentives are gone, costs rise. Guess who that hurts most? That’s right, the working poor who are uninsured and pay out of pocket. It hurts those who are insured, too, of course. As Twitchy has reported extensively, insurance premiums are rising with no end in sight. Why do you think that is? Mandated coverage. Who would have thunk it? Oh, that’s right. Women who think with their lady smarts, not their lady parts.

But, hey, Obama got some sweet, sweet pharmaceutical money for his campaign and was able to lie and use women to his own end. Bonus!

The hits will keep coming.

Don’t worry; it’s all “free,” right binders full of moochers?