Today is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day, and as Twitchy reported yesterday, tens of thousands used Facebook to express support for the event and for religious freedom.

Make this your profile pic for today to show your support for hobby lobby. Support the company that is stands up against obamacare! Finally a company besides chick-FIL-a that is telling Obama to suck it! Makes me happy! Can't wait for Tucson to get one so I can go there instead of Michaels!

Hobby Lobby faces fines of up to $1.3 million per day for refusing to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s emergency contraception mandate. While many companies have obtained Obamacare waivers, the administration refuses to exempt Hobby Lobby based on religious objections to the mandate.

Founder David Green says the requirement “goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one.” But courts have argued that Hobby Lobby isn’t entitled to a religious exemption because it’s not a religious organization. Translation: Religious liberty? Religious schmiberty! It’s not like Hobby Lobby has any evidence of its religious underpinnings and deeply-held values.

Oh. Wait:

So, is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day a success? While shoppers aren’t seeing the traffic jams and out-the-door lines we saw on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day last August, Twitter users are reporting crowded parking lots and busy stores.

And remember, consumers can show their support for Hobby Lobby without showing up in person. Many are shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

And just because this photo is too precious not to share, we’ll leave you with what may be the cutest little Hobby Lobby supporter.