Yep, grab the drool bucket, David. Yet again!

As Twitchy reported, David Gregory interviewed President Obama for “Meet the Press” this morning. The hilarity started early, as Twitter users wondered how a scofflaw like Gregory could pass security measures for interviewing the President of the United States.

Heh. If they patted him down, surely they would have noticed his Chris Matthews-like leg tingle. David Gregory took to Twitter before and during the show’s airing, in a near swoon.

Big, strong, gutsy caller!

Channels. Lincoln.

Plus, he’s super dreamy! Not only did he tweet that Obama channels Lincoln, but that was one of his oh-so-hard-hitting questions.

Thankfully, he did not follow it up with “Is it hard to keep a laser-like focus without being distracted by your own gorgeous eyes?” Twitter users gasp for breath over Gregory’s sycophantic display.

President Obama then doubled-down on Gregory’s idiocy by claiming he never compares himself to Lincoln.

Oh, really, Mr. President?

The sane continue to call out Mr. Gregory for his channeling of a teen-age fan; there was some fear there for a while that Mr. Gregory would toss his briefs (or boxers?) on the stage.

Oh, dear! Never change, Twitter. And try explaining it to the hapless Howard Kurtz, will you? He is confused by media bias yet again.