Newsweek’s Howard Kurtz has been defending fellow “real journalist” David Gregory for a week now over his open flaunting of Washington, D.C., gun laws on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. When he learned that police were investigating Gregory over his possession of a high-capacity magazine that is banned in Washington, Kurtz said it was a sign of how “absurd” the debate over gun control had become.

While Kurtz’ support of Gregory has been consistent, his defense of Gregory’s actions has not. Next, he wondered why D.C. police were investigating a journalistic stunt instead of “catching actual criminals.” Now, a full week later, Kurtz is still fishing for just the right defense. Journalists aren’t above the law, he concedes, but how many people are actually prosecuted for violating D.C.’s gun laws? Fortunately, another real journalist, the Washington Times’ Emily Miller, was on hand to do the work that other reporters won’t do.

Miller, a senior opinion editor at the paper, pointed Kurtz to her own research on the topic.

Washington, D.C.’s restrictive gun laws are being used to persecute soldiers. The pattern is disturbing, as what follows is the third case I’ve uncovered of a veteran being unfairly prosecuted under laws that should not be on the books.

In September 2011, former Army Specialist Adam Meckler was arrested at the VFW in the District because he happened to have a few long-forgotten rounds of ordinary ammunition in his bag. The veteran of both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was jailed and later accepted a plea deal, which he now regrets.

After Spc. Meckler was released from jail, he was fined and placed on the District’s Gun Offender Registry. As for Gregory? We aren’t aware of any jail time he’s served over his transgression; rather, he’s preparing for an interview with President Obama tomorrow morning.

So, the “no one’s really prosecuted” defense doesn’t seem to be holding up either.

Like so many others, Miller isn’t calling for Gregory to be jailed, but rather for journalists to be honest about the effectiveness of gun control legislation. Is that veteran one of the “actual criminals” who should end up in handcuffs while Gregory escapes consequences?


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