Ah, the self-absorbed arrogance of “real journalists.”

David Gregory’s no criminal, explains Politico White House reporter Glenn Thrush. Gregory meant well when he flouted D.C. gun laws by waving around a gun magazine on “Meet the Press.” It was all for the greater good, you see.

The “greater good,” of course, being more legislation to trample the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

And Thrush isn’t the only one. On Wednesday, Howard Kurtz vomited forth a holier-than-thou defense of Gregory, and other journo-tools quickly dismissed the notion that the media should follow the same laws as mere mortals.

The ol’ “act of journalism” defense. If a Real Journalist™ is “clearly acting in the public interest,” you gun-totin’ rubes had better pipe down. Have some respect for your betters!

Indeed! David Gregory is a modern day Rosa Parks! The Henry David Thoreau of our time!

Yep. But only for the self-vaunted media.

Bingo! As always, happy warriors refused to let the self-serving journalistic elitism slide.

Since noted legal expert Glenn Thrush said so. Duh!


Since when? Since he first got his media credentials, of course.

But hang on. Glenn isn’t done digging just yet.

When in doubt, dig an even bigger hole, then fill it with the largest straw man you can find.

Any more room for straw men in that hole? Why yes, yes indeed.

Exit question from Treacher: