“Real journalist” Howard Kurtz is sick and tired of the backlash members of the media are facing as a result of their gun control zealotry. In addition to lamenting the mistreatment of poor Piers Morgan, Kurtz is furiously defending his fellow journo-tool David Gregory in the wake of Gregory’s televised flouting of DC gun laws.

Members of the general public seeking legal gun ownership? Tough luck. Law says it sucks to be you. Media lapdogs openly flouting the law? Well, that’s a completely different story. It’s only to make a statement, after all. And, according to Kurtz, holding those lapdogs accountable for their crimes is just “absurd.”

Was the moderator of Meet the Press caught on tape, armed and dangerous, liberating a few Slurpees from a 7-Eleven? No, he waved a high-capacity ammunition clip on the air while interviewing Wayne LaPierre, asking it shouldn’t be banned.

Was it a stunt? Yep, and an eye-catching one. Was Gregory being aggressive with the NRA chief, or seeming to push gun control in a confrontational interview? All that is up for debate.

But a police probe over what I assume was an empty ammo clip is a total waste of time. What it demonstrates above all is that journalists are getting ensnared in the political war over gun control.

Ensnared, eh? And who, pray tell, ensnared them? Oh, that’s right!

OK, well, ensnarement aside, what does Kurtz’s excusing of Gregory say about lapdogs’ attitudes when it comes to the public good?

And what does it say about DC’s gun laws?

Fancy that! Gun control laws don’t stop people with no regard for the law from stomping all over it.

Or accept the consequences.

After all, this is what Gregory et al. wanted, right?

We can picture the wheels in Kurtz’s head spinning feverishly.

Clearly, according to Kurtz, holding journalists to the same standards by which the rest of us rubes have to abide is a waste of time.

Wait — allow us to rephrase: holding liberal journalists to those standards is a waste of time.


Funny how that works, isn’t it?