The attention-seeking ghoul has once again taken to Twitter to exploit a tragedy for his own benefit.

As Twitchy reported, a petition was started to deport Piers “Musket” Morgan. That petition now has so many signatures, that it requires a White House response.

Piers, of course, retweets that news. Look at him! Look at HIM!

He then tweet-searches for a new place to live. Keep talking about HIM!

Bingo! Perhaps that is why British Twitter users are begging, “Please, don’t send him back.”

Heh. There is such a petition.

As a British citizen, I do not want the US to return Piers Morgan to us, no matter what he has done. Many thanks.

Polite, as always!

Morgan, of course, is thrilled and pathetically continues to wallow in the attention.

Ridiculous, yes. But Morgan loves it. He craves attention, even at the expense of the dead. Twitter users call him out, and also help explain why Piers Morgan is even more execrable than usual.

That matters not to Musket Morgan. He doesn’t care that families in Newtown are spending Christmas in mourning, devastated with grief.

It’s all about him.

Hope it’s worth the extra dozen viewers, Ghoul Morgan. Shame on you.