Bravo’s chef Tom Colicchio got the spittle-ball rolling. As Twitchy reported, NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre appeared as a guest on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Yuk, yuk, yuk! It’s getting tired, Mr. Black.

David Gregory completely let his bias show; to Piers “Musket” Morgan, that’s totally awesome. Journalism shmournalism!

Er. Look in the dim-witted mirror, sir. As Twitchy readers know, thinking is hard for Piers.

Thinking is hard and so is maturity. But what is really important to add to our national dialogue?

That’s right. We need to have a national conversation about spittle, according to Twitter users, including some members of the media. It is the most pressing issue of our time, evidently.

Angles! Wait, but whose spittle was on the grassy knoll? Were there two spittle-spewers or just one?

The Guardian’s Dominic Rushe includes a photo, too.

MSNBC’s Finney thinks it is of the utmost import!

How can she fawn over Gregory’s bias while distracted by spittle?

Other Twitter users join in the froth-obsession. See, he’s totally crazy and stuff. Because, saliva.

Oh, no.

Yes, please.