Two days after what many in the media declared a disastrous press conference, the NRA’s David Keene and Wayne LaPierre will appear on the Sunday morning talk shows tomorrow. Will their interviewers be hostile? Most likely, but that doesn’t compare to the sentiment expressed in multiple petitions on the official White House site, asking for the government to declare the NRA a terrorist organization.

One petition, currently parked at 3 signatures, declares that the NRA has “encouraged and enabled the use of violence by facilitating the spread of modern day weapons of mass destruction through instilling fear in politicians and the general populace as a political objective in stopping the rational and reasonable regulation of weapons of mass destruction.” Another accuses the NRA of promoting gun ownership “to advance an anti-government, quasi-revolutionary ideology” and says “the NRA’s advocacy of violence for ideological reasons places Americans at an unreasonable and unacceptable risk of death.”

That petition has only 7 out of 25,000 required signatures, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment isn’t there.

In the meantime, others credit the backlash against the NRA with inspiring them to become members, while President Obama’s call for “meaningful action” and “change” sent others to stand in line at gun stores. Will an online petition demand that he address the NRA directly?