The NRA: damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

This morning, after a week of being threatened and castigated by lefties for keeping a low profile following the Newtown massacre, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre addressed the media. Reporters may have been expecting — or at least hoping for — a mea culpa from the NRA. Instead, LaPierre highlighted the vulnerability of our children in contrast to the armed security enjoyed by politicians, banks, office buildings, sports stadiums … everywhere but the gun-free zones that are our nation’s schools. He announced that the NRA will sponsor an initiative to equip every school with an armed police officer.

He also blasted the media for its role in glorifying killers like Adam Lanza by rewarding them with the attention they crave. Uh-oh …

While there is some disagreement among conservatives over the effectiveness of LaPierre’s speech, the reaction among the lapdog media is universal scorn:

Hmmm … sounds awful familiar, no?

And is it any wonder that the NRA might be reluctant to give lapdogs the opportunity to ask questions …

… when they’re conducting themselves like this?

Looked in the mirror lately, Michael? Sickening.

Meanwhile, the media is so hell-bent on slamming the NRA, they’re ignoring a shooting in Pennsylvania that has claimed at least four lives:

Looks that way. Perhaps when they finally get around to reporting on the news, they’ll also demand the NRA issue a statement on Pennsylvania. Priorities. Always.