It must mean something that the very first celebrity to appear in a new video to “Demand a Plan” on gun violence is Jamie Foxx. Even if you aren’t familiar with his movies, such as current release “Django Unchained,” you probably heard something about his recent appearance promoting the film on “Saturday Night Live,” where he explained to the audience that his character gets to “kill all the white people” in the movie. “How great is that?” Great, we guess, as long as there weren’t any guns involved.

The national conversation on guns that so many still are demanding is well underway, whether they like the direction it’s taking or not. As Twitchy has reported, the NRA finds itself in a no-win position. The organization was criticized for not making a statement immediately after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and demonized by politicians and celebrities alike during its presser today. “Demand a Plan” has become a rallying cry, but like it or not (and many in Hollywood certainly did not), the NRA did present a plan. Part of that plan was for Hollywood to take a close look at its own contribution to what Bob Costas called America’s gun culture.

Also among the nearly 50 celebrities to appear is Beyoncé, who must have had an opportunity to demand a plan at some point during the fundraiser she and husband Jay-Z held for President Obama less than two months after the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting. We also recognized Jeremy Renner, the guy brandishing the handgun on the poster for “The Bourne Legacy.” Even Sarah Silverman manages to deliver six words in a row without an obscenity, so you know this is serious business.

The NRA’s plan scored two big thumbs down. So, what does anyone else have planned?