Oh, dear. Piers “Musket” Morgan is at it again. The professional ghoul just can’t stop himself from letting his sanctimonious idiocy show.

Twitter users immediately take Morgan to task over his claim that one can buy an AR-15 at a supermarket. Thinking, it’s so hard!





Of course they will, being fellow ghoulish lapdogs and all. Breitbart.com editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, however, won’t let it slide. Fight like a girl? You betcha.

Loesch has been calling out all the falsities and absurdities being spread by media lapdogs and liberal anti-gun rights zealots.

Truth telling with class? Now, that is empowerment. Other happy warriors join in calling Musket Morgan on the carpet.

Piers can’t answer you. Amendment thingies are hard.


Addressing real issues is too difficult. It’s much easier to toss around nonsense and pretentiously lecture with straw men, right Piers?

We wonder if Piers will take eighteen hours to craft his responses to Ms. Loesch.

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