What do you do when you are an assistant professor at a public university and you’ve been caught red-handed retweeting a tweet advocating murder?

If you’re University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis, you delete your entire Twitter account.

Here is what his page looked like about 20 minutes ago:

erik loomis assistant professor002

Here is what it looks like now:


We’re glad he won’t be advocating violence on Twitter any longer. Hopefully, he will use the freed-up time to seek help from a mental health professional.

* * *

Update: What exactly is Loomis hiding? Before he deleted his Twitter account, we managed to make note of a few of his angrier tweets (no screen caps, sorry):

“Nothing makes me more angry than being ordered what to do. Usuallly good at checking emotions, am now in towering rage at laptop-banning bar”

“@drfarls You have no idea how much I wanted to break my glass over that guy’s head.”

“Very very angry about standardized testing in K-12. Totally worthless for measuring anything of value”

“This story on the return of black lung to coal miners is powerful, disturbing, makes me very angry”

“What makes me angry–hearing that it is a ‘slow news day.’ Maybe in Washington. But workers are fighting across the country. Pay attention!”

“@seasonothebitch has a must read piece on Georgia’s evil labor bill. It made me angry”

“If I had a friend or family member who planned to climb Mt. Everest, I’d beat them senseless before they could go die http://t.co/fmqbE48W

This was interesting, too:

“I love teaching books on the history of sexuality. I talked about dildos in a completely appropriate way in class today.”

Curiously, he appears to believe that guns should be banned but drugs should be legal:

“The top 33 most dangerous cities are in the Americas. I blame the US, both the drug war and loose gun laws”

* * *

Update: Prior to deleting his Twitter account, Loomis changed his Twitter bio by removing reference to his Assistant Professor position at the University of Rhode Island. (Hat tip: @mikebeas.)

* * *

Update: We were able to find a screencap of Loomis’ dildo tweet:


* * *

All of Loomis’ tweets are (for the moment) archived at Topsy.

* * *


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